Team Forming

It’s very exciting when a plan comes together, and this is definitely the case for Art-Spotter.  I now have a developer on board and we’re steaming ahead with progress.

Finding a team that you’re comfortable with and happy to hand over the reins of your first startup baby too is a traumatic experience.  Do they really believe in it the same way you do?  Then you hear the stories and the worries of how it can all go wrong, when all you want is for things to go right.  It’s is after all a steep learning curve.

So, what is there left to do?  It feels like we’ve managed to achieve so much and yet the whole venture is still nothing but ideas. Making it real is the next challenge and it’s a step by step process that we’re making up as we go along.  There are days I wish I could devote more time, days I wish I could just enjoy the startup life, days when it feels like it should be my only focus, but until I can support those days, we’re all working with love.


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