The highs are high ….

So starting up is tricky. We can all say we’ve hit the wall and felt like it might not be worth continuing. Keeping the motivation going and others with you is a continuous juggling game.

Coming across competitors, while vital research also can feel like another hurdle set to make you fail. So how to overcome the lows?

Build good support, people who while they may not believe in your product (but they hopefully do) can give you the nudges that you need, the hand holding when you’re scared and the shoulder to cry on as you feel it’s all over. Secondly get outside support, remind yourself that what you’re doing is worth it by telling someone your idea and hearing their reaction, they’ll help you see how to build it and usually give you some helpful feedback which can only go to improve your product.

So where am I now? Backend developer – check, frontend developer – check, logo designer – check, wireframes – hmmm, content – working on, interested users – growing.

And it’s only you who can cause yourself to fail, so fight the barriers and learn what you don’t know, find the help on what you can’t do and keep the inspiration coming.

Art Map for Art Lovers? Gowalla for the art world? Mobile art api? ArtSpotter = All of the above and more!


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