Building on a shoestring

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It can be done although not quite for free as I had originally anticipated. So being so close to launching the first version, I thought I would do a breakdown of where my costs are and show that with some determination decent apps can be built for an affordable amount. (I was originally quoted £20,000 – £30,000 for
getting this live and bear in mind that I knew noone and nothing at the start of this.)

Backend: Thanks to friends, the internet, twitter and some good luck.

Website Frontend: homemade skills with help from others

Iphone Frontend: Serious bargaining skills

Logo & Website Design: Luckily I have someone who loves the product as much as I do

Subscriptions: (Github, Heroku, Domain Registration, Exceptional) Cheap but this may well go up as traffic increases – but at the moment it allows us to launch with minimal costs. Hopefully when traffic increases to such a level that the costs become obscene, I’ll be an attractive investment.

AppStore Submission: If all goes to plan we’re going in on Friday!

Marketing: Courtesy of the Google vouchers I get sent (Facebook should so do that too)

Total to date: <£1500


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